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Could the next pope be from Africa or Latin America?   Leave a comment

You said a mouthful Brother

You said a mouthful Brother

Well we all know who the new POPE is but Buddy my husband MARCUS PENN IS DEAD. Now will the new Pope change what the Catholic Church is doing to seniors in Victory Tower in Takoma Park, MD and other of its properties where they conduct experiments? NO the Pope wants these experiments to be used and what are they used for? World domination through behavior control using language skills built on whatever is your mother tongue. It can control 1 or 1000 easily and many more. It can kill you instantly but not harm the person sitting next to you even if they are on your lap or in your arms. My husband was injured from these experiments in April and July 2011. They used Hebrew, him being Jewish but he was Dyslexic and read mostly in English having gone to public schools not Jewish schools. I survived just scared for him, I heard and saw it but did not know one word of Hebrew. It was Greek to me. This building has people from all over the world a good source to test on. The project is complete, ready for use so watch out you will no longer have free will if used on you unless you learn how to cope with it. I’ve learned a lot but always fear after 8 years of exposure when they enter a new stage. Adjustment is painful, risky but I do it every time with techniques I’ve learned having identified it from a quality control angle. The authors of the plans were human and were error prone, just find where they made assumptions and “Reverse the Curse”. More details of how to cope will be given to those who ask and have a need to know like all Jews which are a prime target and their youth in worst danger. Watch the schools. That’s one place the Catholics are going with it so Jewish children will be so afflicted by control system as to never know what free will thinking is like. American taxpayers footed the bill for these experiments.

CNN Belief Blog

By Eric Marrapodi and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN

(CNN) — Hours after Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation announcement Monday, speculation was surging over who might be his successor and what part of the world the new pontiff could be from.

The 118 cardinals who will pick the next pope are also in the running for the job. Those cardinals are from around the globe, but more than half of them hail from European nations, according to Vatican statistics.

Worldwide, the demographic trends among the Roman Catholic Church’s nearly 1.2 billion members show a different breakdown, with the church seeing only a trickle of new members in Europe, while membership has grown significantly in Africa.

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The Untold Story: Elder Abuse   2 comments

The Catholic Church treats seniors the worst uses them as guinea pigs in experiments where they are sometimes killed

Global Health Africa

In Angola, the ill-treatment suffered by many elderly people contributes a lot to their departure from the home and their families (Ministry of Welfare Social Reintegration). Although some families take care of their elderly parents, others subject their parents to physical and emotional abuse. This results in a reduced quality of life for the elderly. “The disrespect that old people receive from their relatives compel them to leave their residences to other places, seeking better living conditions”, said Berta Mendonça, the Deputy Provincial Director of Welfare and Social Reintegration.

Since old age homes are not widespread in Angola, and elder abuse is rarely reported, the elderly end up living on the streets. Ms. Mendonça explains that “the abuse situation is also the cause behind the increase in the number of old people who are street beggars”. In addition to being a marginalized and vulnerable group, elderly street beggars are at…

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