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Now Hartford wants me to accept half of what papers say the account is worth. Hartford robs seniors even after they die penniless since agents steal interest and principal of retirees. Don’t trust Hartford, Forethought nor Suntrust all rob seniors.


Where is my Money?

An abused senior at Fox Chase nursing home in Silver Spring, MD owned by the REVERA Corporation wants to know where Suntrust has his IRA?  It matured in October 2012 and no one will talk to him about it! Did the new agent steal it?  I think so because I’ve been trying to get them to communicate with the patient/client since late September and not even one attempt to call him back has been made.  Everything they tell me on phone, email or in person is a lie and a delay tactic.  Will the agent keep all the annuity when the patient dies soon is that their game plan rob the old people? The investment firm is Hartford a trusted name but now days untrustworthy. How would you like to have enough money to get quality care that could get you well enough to go home and still suffer and die in…

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Posted August 24, 2013 by PattyJusticeSears in Senior Issues

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