Still targeted in MD 2014

What was Marcus Penn’s body parts worth? He was not a donor; they were stolen at Holy Cross hospital and he was murdered. He went in for high potassium for 2 to 5 days. Held prisoner against his will then his death date determined 2 weeks in advance by DC Archbishop


I am a Targeted Individual now numb everywhere not partially paralyzed; half blind and deaf in left ear and only about 30% hearing in right ear as Electronic and vibration attacks continue to damage spine, brain and heart. All participants in illegal study seem to have been compensated for their criminal acts and all victims except me are dead here in Takoma Park, MD. I am threatened with more violence to keep quiet and do nothing about the murder of Marcus Penn and attempts on my life. Governor Martin O’Malley nears presidential campaign kick off; does he want me dead? The murder of Marcus Penn in 2013 and attempted murders of me show how corrupt O’Malley’s Maryland government is.

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Posted May 9, 2014 by PattyJusticeSears in Senior Issues